Solid Image Photographic Service
Ronald Baker
"We Don't Take Pictures...We Capture History"

Photojournalism - Social Awareness
The job of a photojournalist is to be consciensous and available for the moments of his or her time on this Earth.
Regardless of one's speciality, documenting the changing times of your era is of the utmost importance to generations yet unborn.  What we see today will be history, and quite possibly, gamechanging history at that. 
We can't pick or choose when the moment arrives but we can and should make the effort to be there when it does.  Social awareness and how it impacts each and everyone of us can often be dependent on the images we see and capture as a matter of course. 
Photojournalism may be one of the last freedoms we lose if we do not make the effort to photographically document the dynamics of our time and archive those images for travel into the future of this country.
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