Celebrating Our 40th Year of Photographic Excellence
When you've been blessed to have a 40-year career, that in itself is an honor.  Yet, there is honor in being appreciated for your professional contributions as a photojournalist documenting a generation of social progress. 

In 1991, the "Head Start" program in Washington, D.C. honored me in recognition of my support of that program with a beautiful plaque.

In 2008, my brother Donald and I were presented with the Booze Allen Hamilton Chairman's Award from the Neediest Kids, Inc., for our more than 22 years of volunteer service to that local charity.

In 2004, The HistoryMakers interviewed me for a video oral history which is featured on their website and covers my career as a photojournalist.  The Chicago-based organization recognizes nominated African Americans who have made significant contribution to African American culture.

In 2010, Donald and I were the recipients of the Congressional Black Caucus "Health Brain Trust" Leadership In Journalism Award from Congresswoman Donna Christensen (D-US Virgin Islands) and Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA).

In 2013, my brother Donald and I were among 12 African American men profiled as "Men of Excellence" in the 3rd edition of the "Who's Who In Black Washington, D.C." publication.  We were also honored with a video profile of our careers which was presented to a packed ballroom at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown D.C.